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How To Change Your iPhone’s Default Browser

Last week Macstories writer installed a new universal browser for iPhone and iPad called ‘iCab’ which he’m going to review soon here on MacStories. The browser is so good he wondered if there was a way to force iOS to open links from any app using iCab instead of Safari. he know it’s not a recommended move and it might turn out to be pretty problematic in the future, plus he actually had tried to override Safari a few times in the past.

he didn’t know a tweak to change the iPhone’s default browser had been released in Cydia until he stumbled upon iCab’s excellent feature and decided to google that again. Browser Changer, available for free in Cydia, does just that: it replaces Mobile Safari as your iPhone default browser.

Once you’ve installed the tweak from BigBoss’ repository you’ll have to open the Settings and look for Browser Changer’s tab. Tap on it, and make sure ‘Enable Changer’ is turned out. Select a supported browser that’s installed on your device, then choose if you want to apply the settings to Maps and Youtube as well. hef you have SBSettings installed on your device, make sure that the Browser toggle is turned on in there as well.

The tweak works as you expect. Links from Mail, twitter clients — any app — will open in the new browser. Even webclips won’t open Safari anymore, although he found some issues with fullscreen webapps. No big deal anyway.

he haven’t tested Browser Changer on the iPad, as he is running iOS 4.2 and jailbreak for the new OS isn’t out yet. he guess it should be working fine, and he is looking forward to trying iCab as the default browser on my iPad.

(Via MacStories.)

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How to Export Your Friends’ Email Addresses from Facebook [Video]

Facebook is trying to create one inbox to rule them all, but for those of us who don’t trust Facebook enough to give them all our communication, taking control of that information is an important step toward retaining your communication freedom.

Even if you like to use Facebook to communicate with friends, you may not be comfortable with all of your communication living inside Facebook. Here’s how to export your friends’ email addresses from Facebook.

Facebook has taken the stance that the only Facebook data that belongs to you is your information, and that your friends information—like their email addresses—belongs solely to them. As TechCrunch points out, that stance doesn’t hold much water when Facebook also gives big companies like Microsoft and Yahoo access to the very data they say belongs exclusively to your friends.

Facebook has made gestures toward openness lately, but they’re still keeping their users’ email addresses to themselves (and huge partners). Luckily the access they’re giving to Yahoo makes it easy to export all of the email addresses of your Facebook friends. Here’s how to export all of your Facebook friends’ email addresses in a few simple steps. We’ve mentioned this method in our guide to consolidating your contact list, but with all the Facebook messaging stuff going on, it seems like a good time for a step-by-step reminder. You can either watch the walkthrough in the video above or follow the step-by-step below.

Step One: Sign Up for (or Sign Into) Yahoo Mail

Point your browser to Yahoo Mail. If you have an account, you can sign in here. If not, click the Create New Account button and fill out the signup information.

Note: If you want a clean backup of your Facebook friends’ email, I’d recommend creating a new account even if you already have a Yahoo Mail account.

Step Two: Import Your Facebook Friends’ Email Addresses

Now that you’ve signed up for (or signed into) your Yahoo Mail account, you’re ready to import email from Facebook. It’s really easy to do. If you just signed up, you should see a prompt to import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, and other sources. (If you already had a Yahoo Mail account, just click over to the Import Contacts tool.) Click on Facebook, grant Yahoo access to your Facebook account, and then just wait as the contacts are exported from Facebook and imported to Yahoo.

Step Three: Export Your Facebook Email Addresses from Yahoo

Once the import completes, you can export those email addresses in a number of formats. Again, back at the Yahoo Address Book, just click on Tool -> Export (or just click here), and click the Export Now button next to the export type you’d prefer.

Bonus Step Four: Import the Facebook Email to Gmail

I use Gmail, and tested importing my Facebook contacts’ email to my Gmail account like so:

  1. Export the Yahoo! CSV from Yahoo. Gmail can likely handle a lot of different file types for contact import, but CSV is plain text and works like a charm.
  2. Load Gmail Contacts, then click on More actions -> Import, then upload the CSV file you downloaded from Yahoo. You can optionally add these contacts to a group (I called them Facebook Contacts).
  3. Click Import and you’re done.
  4. [via lifehacker]

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Real time Tweet reader for iPhone, free for Limited time, try it : Tweetboard – Real Time Twitter Monitor (Social Networking)

Tweetboard – Real Time Twitter Monitor 1.0.0

Category: Social Networking
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.0
Tweetboard - Real Time Twitter Monitor - JoyoMobi


Sale! Limited time only.
Tweetboard is an easy to use Twitter client and it does not require extra operations, just simply put your iPhone/iPod on the dock and it automatically shows your Twitter stream in real-time!
It provides an easy way to share the URL link with computer, please visit from your computer and download the sharer application.

Tweetboard supports the following message types:
- Home Timeline
- Mentions
- List

Main Features:
- Auto Refresh
- Auto Scroll
- Quickly Mark As Favorite
- Quickly Retweet
- Open URL On Remote Computer
- Retina Display Support

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A beautiful UI clock+weather for iPad, it’s free, try it : Flip Clock HD – 5Days Weather Forcast (Lifestyle)

Flip Clock HD – 5Days Weather Forcast 1.0

Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free, Version: 1.0
Flip Clock HD - 5Days Weather Forcast -


Fashionable and versatile alarm clock designed with retro style now available on iPad with 5 days local weather and tempreture information
Wake up to your favorites music!
★ Use iPad music as alarm ringtones.
★ Realtime local area weather(5 days forcast)with temperature, wind, pressure, Humidity.

Flip Clock HD automatically finds your local weather anywhere in the world! No drop down lists of cities to search through.(Need internet connection)

Isn’t it great to leave your iPad on the nightstand as a clock and wake you up with your favorites music? Also with weather forcast! What about customize it the way you want? Flip Clock HD gives you all the options you need:

★ Realtime local area weather with temperature, wind, pressure, Humidity and more.(5 days in landscape mode)
★ Shake to turn ON/OFF the flashlight
★ Use songs/playlist in your iPad library as alarm sound
★ Polished UI and cool retro style flip clock.
★ Slide up and down of the screen to adjust brightness of the clock.
★ Add multiple alarms for different tasks.
★ Alarm Sound ON/OFF.
★ Week calendar
★ Repeat alarm on any day of the weekday or everyday
★ Snooze mode: Repeat alarm every 10 minutes
★ Alarm indicator on main screen
★ Customizable date format: With or without am/pm
★ Support both portrait and wide landscape modes
★ 12-hour/24-hour time format
★ Auto-lock screen ON/OFF

For the latest info from Rockifone, please follow us on Twitter at

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