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Write/Draw your Ideas and email it right away, it’s a free app, grab one : JotBook Free (Productivity)

JotBook Free 1.1

Category: Productivity
Price: Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Turn your iPad into an intuitive pad for jotting down and organizing multi-paged hand-written notes VISIBLE ON AN EXTERNAL DISPLAY with JotBook Free.

JotBook Free is the free version of our app "JotBook". Fully functional, but limited to 3 books with 3 pages each. Enjoy it on-the-house!

Imagine plugging your iPad into a projector during a meeting and using it as a digital whiteboard everyone can see. Then just click the email button to forward copies of the session out to team members. How cool is that?

JotBook provides a simple-to-use but very functional digital notebook. Sketch your thoughts out then share via email with one button.

* Tired of losing important pages of notes?
* Tired of making photocopies of notes to share them?
* Need better organization of your hand-written notes?
* Want a quick and easy digital notebook?

Share your Thoughts on the BIG-SCREEN
Just plug in an externald ispaly and JotPad automatically mirrors drawing to the external display.

Sketch your Thoughts
Don’t type your thoughts – sketch them out in color easily with JotBook.

Share your Thoughts via Email
Want to share an entry you created – just click the email button and your multi-page entry is exported straight into an email.

Group your Thoughts in Multiple Pages
Group related thoughts or notes together as pages in a single entry, which are time-stamped. You can have as many pages as you want for each entry. Create entries for meetings, or ideas, then add pages as you need.

No need to scroll around a giant canvas to find your place, just add a new page to your entry with the + button.

Line Smoothing
Your lines get smoothed out with basic line smoothing so curves look better

Extra touch rejection
Unlike other drawing apps, JotBook ignores extra touches after you start drawing, that way you can rest your palm on the screen (palm rejection) – JotBook keeps track of the first touch and only draws those

Multiple Pen Types
Draw text with the fine point pen, use the highlighter, ball point or the thick paintbrush for wide strokes.
No Need to Type

Sketch out your thoughts, JotBook stamps your entries with the date and time and provides an area to write out your entry’s title, which you can preview in the entry list.
Built for the iPad and Design for You

Written for the iPad…. this app takes advantage of the large iPad screen, with plenty of room to write out your thoughts in portrait or landscape, designed for the way you take notes.
Works great with your Pogo Sketch / Pogo Stylus

Draw with your finger, or pickup a Pogo Sketch or similar stylus and really make taking notes a snap
Entries are multi-paged and fit nicely on the screen. No need to scroll-around to find your spot. Just create another page.

Much More Coming Soon

JotBook Free

JotBook Free (Productivity)

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